Discover powerful tools to safeguard your identity, face digital threats, and navigate with confidence in the cyber universe. Join now and become the expert protector of your digital presence, your family's, and your business.

Have you felt that you have experienced any of these situations?

Your essential guide. 

Learn effective strategies for dealing with cyber-attacks, phishing, and fraud, and become the guardian of your digital security.
The fundamental purpose of "Inner Cyber" goes beyond simply teaching cybersecurity concepts. 

This course aims to empower you to take full control of your digital life. From preventing cyber threats to mastering social media and online transactions, "Inner Cyber" will guide you on the journey to digital masteDividerry and security.
You will be able to: 

Defend your Identity: Learn how to protect your personal information against cyber threats and fraud.

Navigate without Fear: Overcome the fear of the unknown in the digital world and navigate with confidence.

Become a Proactive User: Gain skills to actively participate in social networks and conduct online transactions without worry.

Transform Your Digital Approach: Stop relying on others to manage your online activity and become a proactive and confident cyber user.

Transform Your Digital World Today - Your Security Starts Here!

You find these and other figures in my book Happily Ever Cyber and on

Cybersecurity is no longer just for experts.

It's for everyone. Now, more than ever, investing in your cybersecurity knowledge and skills is a decision that can make the difference between being vulnerable and being protected.

Don't let the numbers scare you

Explore the Key Modules of “Inner Cyber”.

Discover a unique educational journey as you explore the essential fundamentals of cybersecurity. Each module of “Inner Cyber” is a gateway to mastering digital security, equipping you with the tools you need to defend your identity in the vast online world.

Welcome to the Course!

Overview: What You'll Learn About Cyber Security

Module 1: The ABC of Cyber Safety & It's Fundamentals

Module 2: The Realities of Cybercrime

Module 3: How to Identify & Protect Yourself from Cybermonsters on Social Media

Module 4: Cracking the Code to a Perfect Password

Module 5: Learning Cyber Self Defense BEFORE You Become the Victim

Module 6: How to Become a Cyber Mama Bear & Protect Your Family

Module 7: Be Cyber Safe Everywhere—The Secrets to a Cyber Safe World

Reasons to Consider "Inner Cyber":

For the Tech Newbie:

If you feel that technology is uncharted territory and fear falling victim to cyber threats, "Inner Cyber" will provide you with the skills you need to navigate with confidence and security.

For the Social Networking Active:

If you are a social networking enthusiast but are concerned about your privacy, "Inner Cyber" empowers you to actively participate without compromising the security of your data.

For the Concerned Online Shopper:

If online transactions make you uneasy because of the possibility of fraud, "Inner Cyber" will teach you safe practices for worry-free electronic shopping and transactions.

For the Technology Fearful:

If you rely on others to manage your online activity and want to take full control, "Inner Cyber" makes you a proactive and confident user.

Discover How This Course Is Exclusively Designed To Empower You On Your Digital Journey. 

Your Safety Matters and This Is Where It Starts.

Actual price: $799 USD


Hi, I'm Sandra.
My experience as a victim of identity theft has driven me to create practices on how you can protect yourself in the cyber world.

MBA, GIAC-GSLC, CIPM, founder of Way2Protect®.

My goal is to show you how to do it without it seeming tedious or time-consuming.

I understood the importance of it when, because of being distracted, I gave a Cybermonster my personal identity and I didn't know it. Years of pain and loss made me find my way, so this experience has led me for +25 years, to dedicate my career to cybersecurity, technology and protection of personal, family and business data.

My Professional Career

  • 25-plus-year multicultural and cross-functional career in the US, Latin America, and Europe in Cybersecurity, IT and Data Privacy Industries

  • Held numerous positions in Fortune 500 companies, private and public organizations

  • Her first book, Happily Every Cyber, became #1 International Bestseller upon release, winning the IAN Book of the Year Award in 2020, the International Book Award, and the Next Generation INDIE Book Award

  • Cyber Literacy book series for children features fairytale stories kids already know and love to learn safety concepts

  • Inner Cyber Course: Nominated for the 2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Cybersecurity Training and Educational Platform category.

  • A guest speaker on prominent platforms and podcast shows.

I'm not a techie, will I be able to understand it?
Absolutely! "Inner Cyber" is designed for everyone, regardless of your technical level. Sandra Eastock guides each lesson with a clear and accessible approach, making cybersecurity easy to understand and apply. This course is your gateway to a secure digital world, regardless of your previous experience.

I don't have enough time for a full course.

We understand that your time is valuable. Inner Cyber lessons are designed to be effective and efficient. Plus, you have lifetime access, which means you can learn at your own pace and review the material at any time - no time pressures! Investing in your digital security should not be a burden, but a long-term advantage.

How Can I Guarantee That These Concepts Will Apply in My Daily Life?

We understand the importance of applying what you learn in everyday situations. That is why "Inner Cyber" goes beyond theory by providing practical exercises that will guide you to integrate the concepts into your daily routine, transforming them into solid habits.

Actual price: $799 USD


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